Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Sponsorship Opportunities 2023-24

Welcome to the sponsorship page for the Weyburn Red Wings! Listed below are a number of sponsorship opportunities with our team for the year.

If you’d like to know the amazing businesses that sponsored our team in the past, you can find that on the ‘Red Wings Sponsors‘ page under the ‘Community’ tab.

SOLD OUT: Rink Board Advertisement

Cost: $2500

Seen all summer and fall by all visiting lacrosse teams, all winter through minor hockey.
Over half of the rink boards in the rink also get camera time on HockeyTV
Only 56 spots available at 8’x3’ size.
New rink board production costs $250 from ProTouch Signs in Weyburn.

SOLD OUT: Ice Logo Advertisement 

Cost: $3500

Most visible form of sponsorship, visible from everywhere in the rink and eyes are directed to it.
Standard size of 6’x12’. All ice logos get camera time on HockeyTV
Spots unlimited, prices may vary depending on size and number purchased

SOLD OUT: Billboard Advertisement

Cost: $2500

Visible from everywhere in the entire rink.
Only 8 spots available at 8’x2.5’ size
New billboards are aluminum with graffiti proof laminate that costs $410 from ProTouch Signs in Weyburn

Jersey Sponsorship 

Cost: $900

Includes home (red) and away (white), does not include special occasions jerseys
Jerseys are showcased around town during volunteer events and public appearances.
Only 23 spots available
Sponsorship is tied to jersey #, not player. If player is traded, sponsorship may get moved to another jersey.

SOLD OUT: Season Ticket Sponsorship 

Cost: $1000

Puts your business on the back of 1 set of our season tickets.
2 Spots available: Corporate, and Dated Adult + Student.
Can be used as coupons towards your business as well.
3 Sets of Punch Cards available: 30 punch (Adult), 30 punch (student), and 10 Punch
Can give exclusive deal to our season ticket holders who present card

Game Day Sponsorship 

Cost: $250

Opportunity to put your business in front of our fans as they come in the door and be involved in the gameday atmosphere.
If interested, your business can be involved in a second intermission feature such as a game on the ice or a prize giveaway.
Your business will be involved of pre-game promoting on social media day of the game you’re sponsoring

Meal/Roadtrip Sponsorship

Cost: $500

Covers one meal for our road trip, each donation guarantees one mention in our meal sponsorship posts.
For select road trips, Hotel Sponsorship is available at $2000 per night.
Guarantees a thank you post dedicated to your business each night your business sponsors

Sponsors of Packages 1 & 2 (or more) will receive Social Media recognition on all Red Wing’s platforms. Please provide your logo or any pertinent info to be used for social media tagging.

“FILL THE BELLY” Package #1 – Full team meal. – $500.00 /per meal
“HANG YOUR HAT” Package #2 – Lodging – $2000.00 /per night
“ANYTHING GOES” Opportunity #3 – This sponsorship opportunity allows you to support the Red Wings with an amount of your choosing that will be put towards the away game expenses. “You’re The Boss…donate any $ amount”

SOLD OUT Until January: Program Sponsorship 

Cost: $250 – $750

Three sizes available:
1/4 for $250, 1/2 page for $500, Full page for $750
Your choice between regular ad or a coupon towards your business.
Designed by you or in house

In Game Announcements

Cost: Starting at $250

Connects your business name directly to a specific in-game announcement.
Examples include ‘Barber Motors Powerplay’, ‘Kingston Midstream Penalty Kill’, ‘Prairie Sky Co-op 7th Skater’, etc.
Prices vary depending on frequency of announcement during game. Ex. 50/50 announced 4x per game, starting lineups announced 1x
Can be attached to a social media post depending on announcement

Social media campaigns 

Cost: Starting at $20 per post

Sponsor a specific campaign and help promote your business on Red Wings social media channels.
Examples include monthly Player Spotlights, ‘Top Plays of the Week’ highlight packages
For photo packages, your business’ logo will be featured prominently as well as be mentioned in the post information
For video packages, your business’ logo will be featured near the beginning and end of the video.

Corporate season tickets

Cost: $375

30 undated season tickets per book
Each booklet purchased can reserve on specific seat in the rink, guaranteeing you, your employees, customers, or whoever else you decide to give tickets to will have the same seats all season long

Bag sponsorship

Cost: $500 

Gets your business seen all over the province as our players bring their gear out from the bus and into the rink
Also seen around town and southeast Saskatchewan when our players are helping in the community with their gear

SOLD OUT: Magnet Calendar Sponsorship

Cost: $1500

Magnet calendars that will be available for pickup at the rink for free from the office with our entire season schedule
Can also be paired with a social media package for monthly phone screen backgrounds with monthly schedule on them

Guarantee a 50/50 

Cost: You set price

You pick where the pot for our 50/50 is guaranteed to hit.
If ticket sales don’t match your set amount, you buy the difference in tickets
Guaranteed 50/50s get displayed on the big screen if done in advance
Can be a progressive 50/50: if the pot hits the target, you can bump the 50/50 up higher to continue getting name mentions while the pot keeps growing
Note: progressive 50/50s cannot be displayed on our big screen

SOLD OUT: Howie’s jersey

Cost: $900

Much like the player’s jersey sponsorship, Howie’s jersey has space for a sponsor as well
Gets your business in front of kids and parents within our rink
Doesn’t make as many appearances in public as our regular jerseys, but is more involved in the crowd at all of our home games

Other Opportunities

Have an idea that would help bring something new to our game day atmosphere? Maybe something you’d like to see on Red Wings social media channels? Player profiles, highlight packages, in rink contests, commitment announcements, net sponsorship, away game watch parties, etc. Let us know how you’d like to help Weyburn Red Wings hockey become even more exciting next season!