Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Prairie Sky CO-OP 7th Player

Enter for a chance to become the Prairie Sky CO-OP 7th Player!  As the 7th Player you will enter the ice with the Red Wings during the pre-game light show and line up with the Red Wings during the singing of O' Canada.  Your name will be announced as part of the Badger Excavating Starting Line Up and you also receive a free Red Wings Mini Stick!

To apply email the Office at with player name, minor hockey team, age level, and parent contact info.

Mar 1st - 7th Player, Weston Walcer

Feb 18th - 7th Player, William Livingstone

Feb 12th - 7th Players, Dasen & Benson Reaney

Feb 5th - 7th Players, Scarlett & Quintin Ferry

Feb 1st - 7th Player, Mason Douglas

Jan 8th - 7th Players, Jake & Noah Kress

Dec 18th - 7th Player, Ella-Rae Cugnet

Nov 27th - 7th Player, Embry Bakken

Nov 9th - 7th Player, Axel Roy

Nov 5th - 7th Player, Brett Storle

Oct 22nd - 7th Player, Ethan Kirkpatrick

Oct 15th - 7th Player, Thomas Cugnet

Mar 5th - 7th Player, Autumn Whitson

Feb 26th - 7th Player, Bryson Bakken

Feb 16th - 7th Players, Dane & Sybil Kesslering

Feb 8th - 7th Player, James Watson

Feb 4th - 7th Players, Rhett Kittleson & Dominik Gray

Jan 21st - 7th Player, Asher Maier

Jan 4th - 7th Player, Rylan Kradovill

Dec 17th - 7th Player, Dexter Gray

Nov 26th - 7th Player, Reid Peterson

Nov 6th - 7th Players, Isla & Jorja Roberts

Oct 23rd - 7th Player, Cohen Ferguson

Oct 16th - 7th Player, Tate Kittleson