Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Become a Billet

Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Red Wings — “A Winning Tradition”

The success of a junior hockey player is dependent on many things including skill, coaching, teammates and their home life. Ensuring that players have a safe, nurturing environment to succeed on and off the ice, is of the utmost importance to the Weyburn Red Wings.

The influence a billet family can have on a young player can create bonds that last a life time.  The hockey club greatly values the sacrifice billet families make to host Red Wing players.  Without billet families, most of our players would not be able to play for us.  Billet families are invaluable to the Red Wings and we appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to the team and the kids.

Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience.  As a billet family, you play a very important role. By opening your home to the players you provide them with a stable and secure home away from home.

The Weyburn Red Wings request that any families which may be interested in billeting players to please review the following information.

If you are interested in becoming a billet please email the Red Wings Billet Co-Ordinator Alyssa Hanson at  or call her at 306-536-7187.