Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Mission Statement

It is the objective of the Weyburn Red Wing Hockey Family, through strong community support and exceptional coaching, to achieve a berth in the National Championship each hockey season and provide to the city of Weyburn and surrounding area a highly competitive and exciting brand of Junior A hockey. We will endeavour to produce future community leaders by providing exemplary leadership and role modelling and by seeking out employment, education and hockey opportunities wherever possible through our networks in the business, sports and academic circles.

To achieve our mission the Hockey Club shall adhere to the following core principles:

Fitness, Heart and Discipline – Successful athletes must show discipline and heart and be prepared to work harder than they have ever worked. They must be physically fit and continually strive to improve their fitness through training, good nutrition and proper rest. Fitness is lifelong. Habits developed and lessons learned now will provide benefits throughout each player’s life. Fitness and health are crucial to player and team success and will be promoted continually during each player’s time with the Red Wings.

Fiscal Responsibility – The team shall make every effort to maintain costs of operation as low as reasonably possible to ensure that our product remains affordable to the community of Weyburn. In order that the business community will be proud to be associated with the hockey club the directors shall ensure, to the best of their abilities, that the club is run honestly and ethically.

Communication – Paramount to the success of any organization is effective, timely and accurate communication. Expectations need to be clearly indicated through verbal or written communication at all levels of the organization.

Community – The Hockey Club (Directors and Staff included) is expected to be respectful and appreciative of the tremendous contribution the community makes towards the Hockey Club each season. Whether it be fans, donors or volunteers it is because of them and for them that we exist. Each team member is an ambassador for the city of Weyburn and our conduct must always be in keeping with that role.

Leadership and Role Models – It is expected that each Director and staff member shall show leadership and display positive and exemplary behaviour during the time they spend as members/representatives of the Hockey Club. It starts at the top.

Teamwork/Family – Team work is key to success in any organization. It is important to remember that each member of the hockey club brings something important to the table. Billets, volunteers, coaches, trainers, directors, office staff, players and parents are all valued members of the Red Wing family and respect for each member of the family is paramount to success of the team.

Recruitment and Retention – The Hockey Club shall maintain a network of scouts and a positive and proud hockey environment. The Hockey Club shall endeavour to employee hockey operations staff that provide first class instruction and leadership. Finally the Hockey Club shall make every effort to effectively transition players to the next phase of their lives either through education, entry into the workforce or hockey at that next level.