Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Graduate Player Showcase: Matthew Reidy

The last of our 20 year olds to highlight, there was no better choice on the team or in the league for the captain of the Weyburn Red Wings than Matthew Reidy.

On the ice, you saw Reidy put his body on the line time in and time out to block shots, mix it up in the corners during puck battles, threw big hits, and drop the gloves to either defend his teammates or give them the spark they needed late in the game.

Off the ice, there was so much more. The team played different when Reidy was on the bench, his effort level during practice was unmatched, kept his teammates in check emotionally, and if you ask most of the players on the team who their favourite player to play with was, you’d have a hard time finding one that said anyone else but Matthew Reidy.

Matthew is our captain. He is our leader. Our group followed his lead all year. Matthew’s compete level and drive to win is second to none. It was a pleasure to work with Reidy for the past 3 seasons and wish him the best of luck in the future.” – Head Coach Cody Mapes

At the time of this article, Matthew Reidy has not signed on with a college or university for next season.  Wherever he goes, Reidy will bring a level of grit and determination that would inspire any team