Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Appearance Requests

Have an event? Would you like a Weyburn Red Wings player there?

Contact Terri Stadnek at 306-842-2212 or email

Hey TEACHERS – Want a Red Wings player in your classroom? The players attend a number of classes throughout the year and take part in various fun activities!

With such a busy season and intense training schedule, the Red Wings have only a limited amount of time to attend events. Of course, the Wings would love to fulfill each request, but can only attend those that fall into the below criteria:

• The appearance is directly related to one or any of the Red Wings mandate categories: Education, Hockey, Fundraising and Health
• The appearance targets Weyburn Red Wings fans or hockey fans in general

When making your request, please keep in mind the following:

• Appearances run from September-March
• Red Wings cannot perform appearances on a Game Day or after 6:00 pm the night before a game
• Red Wing “student” players cannot attend events during school hours (Mon-Fri 8:30-3:30)
• No private appearances will be performed (ie: BBQ’s, anniversaries, birthday parties)
• Appearances that involve gambling and/or condoning non-minor activities are not permitted. Please contact us for questions!
• The Red Wings reserve the right to cancel/reschedule/postpone appearances due to unforeseen events

We will contact you within 5 business days if your request has been either approved or disapproved. We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for processing of the request.