Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Road Trip Sponsorship Opportunities With the Red Wings

After a lengthy homestand and two more home games to come, the Red Wings have a string of six road games in a row to prepare for in the coming weeks. As a result, the Red Wings are reaching out to sponsors, fans, parents, or anyone else from the public who might be willing to make a donation towards the team to cover costs of meals along the road trip.

There’s a number of ways people can support the team over the next few

– Full team meal.
– Cost $500.00 /per meal

HANG YOUR HAT Package #2
– Lodging in Flin Flon.
– Cost $2000.00 /per night

ANYTHING GOES Opportunity #3
– This sponsorship opportunity allows you to support the Red Wings with an amount of your choosing that will be put towards the away game expenses.
РCost РDonate any  amount

All donations will be publicly recognized

We appreciate ANY & ALL help received.
Sponsors of Packages 1 & 2 (or more) will receive Social Media recognition on all Red Wings’ platforms.

With playoffs just around the corner and the Red Wings currently in a playoff spot, there will be more sponsorship opportunities for meal and lodging come playoff time. With playoffs in mind, the team will likely be travelling quite some time and staying in hotels for the first round of the playoffs, and support from our amazing sponsors and fans would help the team cover costs in a major way.

If you are unable to sponsor in a monetary way, the team is also appreciative of donated goods for road trips as well as anyone who will help spread the word.