Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Knight Dodge Junior Reporter


At every home game during the 2nd intermission a video will be played on the Access big screen of our Junior Reporter for the evening, interviewing his or her favourite Red Wing player. The video interview will also be posted on the Red Wings website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts after the game. The young fan will be a local celebrity!

Several days prior to each home game, our lucky junior fan will join their favourite player at the Access 7 studios here in Weyburn to film the interview. The Junior Reporter will have 1-2 minutes to ask the player anything they want! We ask the Junior Reporter to be dressed some what professional, just like the pros on TSN! The Junior Reporter will also get one free game ticket so they can come watch themselves on the big screen.

If you know of a young fan who wants to take part, please email Wendy at Please include parent contact information and phone number, along with the child’s name.