Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Graduate Player Showcase: Jackson Hassman

Probably the best finisher the Red Wings had all season long, Jackson Hassman’s scoring touch came a long way in his 20 year old season. According to InStat, Hassman had a shooting percentage of 22.9% on the season, good for first on the team and along with Ryley Morgan (who hit 22.0% with the Red Wings) sits almost a full 10% higher than everyone else on the team.

For someone that can finish a scoring play as effectively as Hassman, not many are near as effective at starting a one. Playing with Ty Mason and Ryley Morgan for a majority of the season, Hassman was the physical presence on that line more often than not, freeing the puck up for his teammates to take the puck away and start an attack of their own.

Also the most popular player in the room as voted by his teammates, Hassman was the veteran on the team that lightened things up in the locker room when they needed to be. A mix of scoring ability, physical play, and fun to be around, Hassman is the kind of player any successful junior team is going to need.

“Jackson is a three year red wing. After an injury filled 19 year old season, he worked incredibly hard in the summer and went from three goals last season to 25 this year. He’s the life of the party and a glue guy. We’re so happy for his scholarship to NAIT!”

Near the end of the season, Hassman committed to playing his next year with the NAIT Ooks of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC).